What our patients say about us

For more years than I am willing to reveal, I had avoided visiting a dentist because of a paralysing fear resulting from traumatic dental treatment in my youth. My teeth were in a shameful state.

Eventually I went to see Peter and his team who - without a word of exaggeration  -  have changed my life. Everyone at the practice has treated me so considerately. Peter promised me pain-free treatment, something I thought was simply impossible, but that is exactly what he and Carmen have delivered.

I used to hate my teeth and avoid even thinking about them. Now I feel so much better about them and have begun to look after them properly. The worry and the fear have completely gone. And, of course, I wish I had not wasted those years of worrying and being too afraid to go to a dentist.

Robyn, Titirangi
I am/was a dental phobic, to the extent I could not even phone the practice when I finally decided I needed to overcome my phobia. I did my web research and emailed them; they got back to my by email and then phone and from there it has been great!

They deliver what they promise - pain free dentistry. They don't molly-coddle you but they are sensitive to your fears, give you choices, explain what is to happen, and are also really good people.

I have now been with them for a couple of years and slowly my teeth are becoming healthy. I am so glad that I found them and that they are truthful and approachable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to you.

Ann Allen,  North Shore
I have been a patient at Blockhouse Bay Dental for about 8 years now. I have found the staff to be highly professional, caring and friendly. A visit to the dentist was never my favourite pastime, but I do enjoy my regular checkups, and the 'repair' work that is required. I feel I get great value for money, and that I am treated not as a 'client' but more a friend. And they prevent damage to my teeth through preventative work and identifying problems before they happen, which is great!
Steve McDowell,  Blockhouse Bay
An appointment with the dentist I have never seen on anyones "wish list"; and then there is sitting in the waiting room for the appointment with the personal sense of trepidation of things to come. Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre is still not on my "wish list" of visits, but it is close, and that has been created by the long term personnel that have made my visits warm and welcoming while remaining professional, and that is why I have chosen to remain a client for over 25 years.

Alan Hunt, Titirangi
My wife Gail and I have been very satisfied customers of Dr Haydn Gray and the Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre for the past eight years.The treatment and service we have received from Haydn is of the highest quality, and the facilities and service at the Centre are first class.
Our thanks to all.

Gail and Bill Walker, Blockhouse Bay

Thanks so much for recommending Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre to me. So impressed with Peter I had to go into print!

Wow what a breath of fresh air; so marvelously professional without pressure, he told it how it was, and convinced me to make it a priority to attend to the whole mouth. Again thank you. Sad I had spent $2000 at another practice already.


After avoiding the dentist for 20 years due to an awful fear, I got my husband to make me an appointment at Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre. 

From the moment I walked in the door the staff were very caring and friendly. 

When I met Dr Raymond I felt extremely fearful and nervous, but he put me at ease straight away reassuring me it would be a pain free experience, which it was.

Laura the hygienist did a fantastic job of cleaning my teeth while always checking that I was comfortable and relaxed.  

I would highly recommend Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre to anyone with a dental fear or phobia.  I can't   believe how much this experience has changed how I feel about visiting the dentist.  My fear has completely gone and I feel so much better about my teeth.

Cindy, Pt Chevalier
My wife always avoided/feared going to dentists and she solved the pain in her tooth with painkillers for nearly 3 years till an infection developed.  We went to couple of dentists but they were not professional and did not explain the process and did not make feel comfortable. 

Dr Raymond made us feel at ease and explained the whole process and today we can say that we are not going anywhere or to any dentist.

Also thanks to Ann who helped us to tried to fit us into the busy slot before the Christmas holidays.

Ann you are a great asset to the whole team who thinks outside the square and comes forward to help people like us in busy week.

Wishing Dr Raymond and the staff at Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012. 

Fredy N, Blockhouse Bay
It's hard to rave about a dentist but I almost enjoyed my first visit to this dentist. The hygienist was gentle and did a good job, and everyone cared about what they were doing- and no drilling required!

They are very friendly and have treated me like a good friend, I really did feel welcome and at ease.

Dr. Peter Raymond was very thorough, clear and upfront about everything, the action plan and costs involved. He took his time and I did not feel rushed off.

Thanks to all the staff there.

James E.

Peter from bhb dental took an emergency phone call from me at 7am on a Sunday morning and put my mind  at ease.

If it weren’t for Peter’s stellar care I would not have all my teeth today!

Thank you BHB dental!

David, Blockhouse Bay

I had to take my 9 year old daughter to see my dentist (dr Haydn Gray) recently to get a small filling done. She was very nervous after having a lot of procedures done at a paediatric specialist who promised no pain but delivered quite a bit (by the sound of it). So I knew it was time to take her to Haydn.

An injection, which she insists she didn't feel at all, and a quick procedure and she was all done. What a very happy and relieved child.

Haydn is fantastic. He is an excellent dentistry and explains everything well. I didn't faint at the charges (unlike at the specialists in Remuera) so that was a good thing too.

Happy child now not afraid of going to the dentist. You rock Haydn!  Thank you.

Anna A (Avondale)

Pain and hassle free

The reason I return here is because the dentists really know what they're doing. A big thanks from all our family.

Yuuzu  (taken from  a 'rave' on www.localist.co.nz) 

As someone who has an anxious nature especially about dentistry I have never felt easy or looked forward to dental visits, until I found Blockhouse Bay Dental. The amazing staff are so helpful and friendly, and my dentist Haydn has a calming nature and explains what's happening in simple and easy to understand language.

Pain free dentistry is possible!!

Samantha L.

I have been a patient for over 5 yrs, and have always found the staff to friendly, helpful and professional. Booking an appointment is done with such ease. The practice is always clean and sterile. Has state of the art equipment and would highly recommend Blockhouse Bay Dental.

John L.
I've been coming to BHB dental since 1976 and all my family come here which I think is a great recommendation Everyone is always so friendly and considerate It's truly excellent.

James D.
Fantastic practice - super friendly staff and faultless professional service,! Thanks so much Pete, Anne, Julie , Anna and the team.

Sheena D.

From the first phone call I was impressed with the service at Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre. The reception staff are personable and professional. They make you feel you are welcome. They treat you as a real person. The dentist, Peter Raymond is excellent, considerate and the treatment leaves you without any pain or discomfort. He takes the time to explain the treatment process, suggests a treatment plan according to priority, informs you of options and let's you know the cost of each treatment before you go ahead with any treatment, Above and beyond this high level of personal service and expertise, the premises are clean and well-presented. You also get to enjoy stunning black and white photography of wild life and faraway people and places on the walls and while you're in the chair! Highly recommend, Thank you, Team at Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre!

I have been a patient at bhb dental for 14 yrs. I moved to them after getting a very large quote after a check up at another dentist. My second opinion from bhb showed nothing that urgently needed doing! Since then I have always had my scheduled check ups and hygienists apps and have full trust and faith in the honesty and integrity of the dentists. Dental work is never cheap but I have had all manners of work done from basic check ups to crowns and have never felt overcharged. It was nice to find a dentist that is able to say that something MAY need doing in the next year or two not seeing something and making it seem urgent. We need to have trust in our health professionals and with blockhouse bay dental I do.

Simon B.

I'm a very scared patient but was put at ease by Dr Hayden when replacing a big old filling. He talked me though everything whilst doing it and was gentle and nice and quick .I didn't feel a thing. Thanks so much.

Sophie L