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At Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre we stock an extensive range of oral health products for your convenience.

We guarantee these are for sale at below supermarket or pharmacist prices.

If you find them cheaper elsewhere we will happily refund the difference. Prices are inclusive of GST
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Electric Toothbrushes
oral b triumph 9500 electric toothbrush
  Not just an electronic gimmick; they really do make a difference!

  Oral B Triumph ProfessionalCare 9500
  •    3D Action (40,000 pulsations/min, 8,800 oscillating movements/min)
  •   1 Advanced brush head with MicroPulse bristles and 1 ProBright brush head
  •   Smart brushing guidance technology with LCD display
  •   Automatic brush type recognition and mode selection
  •   Tracks brush head usage and signals time to replace
  •   Shows brushing time, with 30 second or 2 minute signal
  •   Charge level display
  • Multi language display
  • Up to 4 brushing modes: 3 standard modes
  • clean, soft, massage, plus polish on Deluxe model only
  • Brush head storage, dishwasher safe
  • Detachable SmartPlug travel charger, multi voltage
  • Pressure sensor
  • Travel case
  • 13 Language options
  • Charge lasts 11 days brushing for 2 minutes twice per day




Replacement Brush  Heads

oral b toothbrush heads


Oral-B Precision Clean

Oral-B Precision Clean replacement electric toothbrush head promotes a clean mouth and healthy gums.

  • Cleans deeper than a regular manual toothbrush
  • Penetrates hard-to-reach areas


The Oral-B Precision Clean brush head fits the following rechargeable electric toothbrush models:

Oral-B Triumph™ ProfessionalCare™ 9000 Series
Oral-B ProfessionalCare™ 8000 Series
Oral-B ProfessionalCare™ 7000 Series
Oral-B Vitality™ Precision Clean
Oral-B Vitality™ Dual Clean
Oral-B AdvancePower™ 400
Oral-B AdvancePower™ 900

Price:    2 head pack $21

                                                                5 head pack $35

oral b interspace brush head

Braun Oral B Interspace Replacement Heads


Price:  $12.00

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Interproximal Brushes
interproximal brushes Interproximal brushes are excellent for removing plaque and debris from between teeth  where gaps exist. Easy to use, most patients find them indispensable once they start using them. They come in a variety of sizes. We can recommend which size is suitable for you.


Price: $15.00

interproximal brush close up

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Dental Floss
dental flossing products Not all flosses are the same! Advanced coatings on the flosses we stock means that they slide more easily between the teeth and resist shredding.

Superfloss is used to clean under bridgework. This is essential to maximise the life of the bridge.

Floss threaders can also be used with traditional floss to clean under bridges.

colgate dental floss dental floss threader reach access floss

Price:  Colgate floss                 $3.75

            Oral B Superfloss         $8.00

            Floss threaders              $18

            Reach Access handle    $6.50

            Access refills                  $6.50

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Mouth Rinses

The mouthwashes we sell have all been clinically proven to help reduce inflammation in the gums. We will advise you as to which is most suitable for your mouth.

oral b mouthwash  Savacol blue has a lower concentration of active ingredient and so 15ml per rinse is advised

Price: $7.50

** Savacol green (stronger taste) requires 10ml per rinse. With frequent use, both Savacol rinses will cause an increase in staining of the teeth. The stain is easily polished off at the next professional cleaning. It may also cause slight temporary lessening of taste with frequent use.


savacol mouthwash

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Fluoride Products

neutraflour 5000 and 900


Fluoride maximises the enamel's resistance to acid attack and therefore reduces the incidence of cavities when used in a preventative oral health programme. We will advise which product is suitable for you.

Remember to keep these products away from a child's reach.

All of these products will last approximately six months when used at the recommended dose.

Price: Neutrofluor 5000 paste  $18.50

           Neutrofluor 900 rinse     $22.00

More about Fluoride

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Dry Mouth Products
  g c dry mouth gel

GC Dry Mouth Gel

GC Dry Mouth Gel provides comfort to individuals who may be
experiencing difficulty eating, speaking or suffering from dry mouth.
Dry Mouth is a common problem often seen in individuals with impaired
production of saliva, for example

from medications, radiation treatment or diseases that can damage the salivary glands.

Other possible causes of dry mouth include:
  • Insufficient water intake
  • Dehydration from physical activity
  • Mouth breathing or smoking
  • Dehydration from high intake of caffeine or alcohol (e.g., coffee, energy drinks and soft drinks)
GC Dry Mouth Gel was designed to ease the symptoms of dry mouth. It has a neutral pH and a pleasant taste. GC Dry Mouth Gel is sugar-free and alcohol-free and comes in four delicious flavors – lemon, mint, orange and raspberry.
Dry Mouth Gel can be applied easily:
Express a generous amount of GC Dry Mouth Gel from the tube onto a clean finger or tongue. Smear the gel over the buccal and lingual surfaces of teeth and oral mucosal tissues. GC Dry Mouth Gel should be applied anytime during the day as needed. When applied at night before bed, it should be after normal tooth brushing.

Price: $16.50

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gc tooth mousse

GC Tooth Mousse


GC is introducing their latest product called GC Tooth Mousse! GC Tooth Mousse is a water based, sugar free crème containing Recaldent® CPP-ACP (Caesin Phosphopeptide – Amorphous Calcium Phosphate). This topical paste will provide extra protection for patients’ teeth.

When CPP-ACP is applied to the tooth surfaces, it binds to biofilms, plaque, bacteria, hydroxyapatite and surrounding soft tissue localizing bio-available calcium and phosphate. Saliva will also enhance the effectiveness of CPP-ACP and the flavour of the tooth mousse will help to stimulate saliva flow. The longer CPP-ACP is maintained in the mouth, the more effective the result.

There is a wide range of benefits for GC Tooth Mousse. It can be used to provide protection for teeth and to help neutralize an acidic oral environment. Additional professional applications of the mousse will be immediately following bleaching, after ultrasonic, hand scaling or root planing, after removal of orthodontic brackets, following professional tooth cleaning (P.T.C), after application of topical fluoride and also to provide a topical coating for patients suffering from erosion, caries and conditions arising from xerostomia.

To provide a variety of choices for individual patients, GC Tooth Mousse is available in 4 delicious flavours namely, Strawberry, Melon, Mint and Tutti Frutti!

Price: $40.00

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