Dento-facial Aesthetics

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If you want to reduce the lines on your face without having to resort to surgical procedures, the good news is that facial rejuvenation techniques can soften wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. These techniques can include Botox/Dysport and dermal fillers.

Why have a great smile which is then let down by easily treated frowns and wrinkles?
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What are Botox/Dysport?

Botox/Dysport are prescription medicines that are injected into muscles and used to temporarily improve the look of both moderate to severe crow’s feet lines and frown lines in adults. It also can help improve the jaw function of those suffering from more complicated dental issues.

Once injected into the skin, the botulinum toxin relaxes the tiny facial muscles, which cause expression lines, by blocking the nerve impulses in them, leaving the skin looking smoother.

Areas on the face that can be treated include frown lines (vertical lines which form between the eyebrows), eyebrows, crows' feet, forehead lines and lines around the mouth and top lip.


Why have your dentist administer Botox/Dysport?

As dentists, we specialise in the oral and maxillofacial areas at a level higher than any other practitioner, which is why we make optimal candidates for administering Botox/Dysport.The training we go through regarding these areas (head, neck, and facial region) is extensive, as well as the fact we have everyday experience injecting cranial nerves in sensitive areas of the head.

Dr Peter Raymond has undergone training and is a member of the prestigious Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA). This is a world recognised leader in the training and delivery of facial rejuvenation techniques.

We are also much more familiar with the overall complications that can arise in the facial areas that any other healthcare provider; meaning we will have a more comprehensive understanding of how to treat and remedy any problem that should emerge. And unlike other practitioners, we prioritise proper lip to teeth ratio, how the smile will react, and how the teeth relate to the soft tissue surrounding the injected areas.

There is also the element of maintenance. If you're going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned and checked, you have to return for regular maintenance as the plaque and stain will come back over time. It's the same with Botox/Dysport; you have a treatment, your wrinkles are smoothed and then it wears off. Why not tie these maintenance visits together?


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Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers are used to plump up lines, wrinkles and grooves to make the skin look more youthful. Fillers usually consist of sterile hyaluronic acid gels made from non-animal sources.

As we age the skin's natural hyaluronic acid is lost giving rise to the appearance of lines, wrinkles and folds.

Injecting fillers into the skin acts to replace the hyaluronic acid that is lost with age.

They are also used for lip enhancement and for shaping facial contours.

Our preferred dermal filler is Teosyal. This the latest generation temporary filler that can last between 3-12 months depending on the site of treatment.



What is the difference between Botox and Dysport ?

They are very similar products produced by different suppliers. The mode of action and results achieved are identical. Dysport achieves results slightly faster ,initial changes can be seen within 2-3 days and full results within 14 day

Is it safe?

As long as the product is sourced from a reputable supplier, the safety profile is very good. Botox has been widely tested and used for over 20 years on millions of people. It was FDA approved in 2002.

How many injections does it take to perform the procedure?

The number of injections and time taken will depend upon the area treated and the required results. However, on average a forehead would be 5-7 injections, crow’s feet 3 injections on each side, glabella 3-5 injections. An appointment in which all 3 areas are treated will last around 30- 40 minutes.

How long does it last?

Around 4-6 months. Repeated treatments often prolong the effect of the muscle relaxation with lower doses being needed.


Is any down time required?

No. It is important however that you do not exercise that day or in anyway disturb or massage the treated area for the initial 4-6 hours post treatment.

Will it hurt?

It is considered to be relatively painless, but you will feel a sensation like a pinch or scratch. It has been likened to the sensation of having your eye-brows plucked.

Will I bruise or swell?

The needles used are very fine so result in no or only minimal bruising

Will I still be able to move my face?

Yes. The injections will be strategically placed to reduce wrinkles whilst still retaining animation. It is our policy to give the minimum amount to achieve the desired natural look. No frozen foreheads or smiles!

How much will it cost?

The cost is $6 per unit of neurotoxin. Each patient is different but some averages are:
Forehead- 15-30 units- $90- $180
Glabella (between the eye-brows)-30-40units- $180- $240
Crow’s feet- 25-35 units- $150- $210
Mentalis (chin)- 4-8 units- $25- $50
Dermal filler (1 syringe 1g)  $700

Please note the forehead and glabella (top of the nose) injections MUST be given together to avoid muscle imbalance, leading to droopy eyebrows.