Same Day Crowns E4D

Did you know that your favourite Auckland dentists can offer a same-day crown service? E4D technology is an in-practice computerised dental ceramic restoration design and manufacture system that produces very long lasting, tooth-coloured restorations. Research has shown this ceramic material is as durable as gold and, of course, its tooth-like colouring makes it an attractive choice. One of the ceramics we use (Emax) has been described in one journal 'as the best material in the history of dentistry.'

Instead of having to take two days off work and having to be numbed up twice, you now can get your new look and comfortable assurance of lasting restorations in only one day. The new technology allows us to prepare a tooth, scan it and design a dental crown, porcelain veneer, inlay or onlay especially for you which is then milled on site.

 3 1 E4Dcase3 screenshot 1  1 Using the CAD/CAM software we are able to create a virtual copy of the teeth. The amazing software is then able to design the restoration. It is then sent wirelessly to our milling machine which cuts the restoration from a solid block of ceramic to an accuracy of 20 microns. It is then customised and glazed by our dentists to match your teeth perfectly.

The restoration can then be seated the same day - saving your precious time. Temporary restorations are no longer needed nor is a second appointment to fit the final restoration. Depending on the type of restoration, some time is needed to allow the restoration to ‘bake’ in our ceramic furnace after the design and milling of the restoration are complete. 

A typical restoration could be prepared late morning and fitted later that same afternoon. Often patients prefer to pop back the next day or so to have a separate fit appointment. You are free to choose this option if this suits your busy schedule better


The investment in an emax ceramic dental crown is around $1600.

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