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Adult Orthodontics at Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre

Woman with dark skin and beautiful smileStraighter teeth can look more attractive and may be healthier too because they are easier to keep clean which can reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Adult orthodontics is an increasingly popular solution for improving smiles and possibly dental health, especially with the introduction of newer and more versatile braces systems including Invisalign and Fastbraces®.

When Should I Consider Orthodontics?

You may wish to consider adult orthodontics if your teeth are crooked or overlapping, or too protrusive.

Orthodontics could help you if you have unsightly gaps in between some of your teeth and wish to close or minimise these spaces. Treatment can also be useful in correcting problems with your occlusion, which is the way your teeth bite together.

Will People Notice My Braces?

One of the reasons why adult orthodontics is so popular is because the latest systems are nearly invisible and are ideal for adults. Invisalign is a removable braces system using tightly fitting clear plastic aligners to move teeth. Fastbraces® is a fixed braces system which uses clear brackets and very thin wires to precisely reposition teeth. Often these treatments are quite quick and especially of the problems requiring correction are primarily cosmetic and only really affect the front teeth.


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