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Early Orthodontic Treatment at Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre

Young girl holding two retainersChildren will frequently require orthodontic treatment during their teens, but sometimes early orthodontic evaluations can be helpful.

How Soon Can My Child Have an Early Orthodontic Evaluation?

Children can have an early orthodontic evaluation as soon as age 6 or seven because by this stage it is possible to assess how their teeth and jaws will develop even though the adult teeth have yet to come through. Evaluation doesn’t necessarily mean that treatment will be required, but it can be helpful in planning for any future orthodontic care.

When Would My Child Need Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Sometimes early orthodontic treatment can be useful for correcting problems and especially those caused by thumb or finger sucking, or by mouth breathing and which can affect the development of children’s jaws. Early interceptive orthodontic care using functional appliances can help to correct them. Thumb or finger sucking can pull the upper teeth outwards, so they protrude too much while elongating and narrowing the upper jaw. Functional orthodontic appliances can gently widen the jaws, guiding bone growth and creating sufficient room for the adult teeth to erupt normally.

Sometimes early orthodontic treatment at Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre can eliminate the need for orthodontic care during the teens. Other times a child will still need to wear braces in their teens, but the amount and length of treatment required may be reduced.


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