At Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre we strive to do everything possible to retain your own natural teeth. However, when the teeth are affected by advanced gum disease, decay, or other problems, extracting them may be the only option. 

Removing diseased teeth is often the best way to eliminate infection and restore the gums and the supporting bone to a healthy condition. 

Dentures (partial and full) are constructed to improve appearance and restore chewing efficiency.

    arrow.gif    How do you use a partial denture?

    arrow.gif    What is the difference between conventional and immediate dentures?

    arrow.gif    How long does it take to get used to a denture?

    arrow.gif    What types of partial denture are available?

    arrow.gif    How long will it take to make the dentures?

    arrow.gif    How long should I wear the denture?

    arrow.gif    Will it be hard to eat with the partial denture?

    arrow.gif    Will talking be difficult?

    arrow.gif    How do I take care of my denture?

    arrow.gif    Will my denture need adjusting?

    arrow.gif    Must I do anything special to take care of my mouth?

    arrow.gif    How often should I see my Dentist?

    arrow.gif    Is there an alternative to a Partial Denture?

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