Invisalign orthodontics


Want to straighten your teeth with removable,
invisible braces?

Now you can with Invisalign® orthodontic treatment! Invisalign® uses a series of clear plastic aligners to reposition teeth. The aligners are virtually invisible, so you can wear them without being self-conscious. Remove them when you are eating or brushing and flossing!
  The aligners are made through a combination of special impressions (molds) made in our office and state-of-the-art, computerized, 3-D imaging technology patented by the Invisalign corporation. The length of treatment varies from patient to patient. However, results are often obtained in one year.

If you want to know more about Invisalign, the invisible orthodontic treatment option, and if it is right is for you, call our office to schedule an appointment.
 You can also visit the Invisalign® web site for more information on this state-of-the-art treatment option.
Blockhouse Bay Dental is pleased to offer the popular tooth straightening system Invisalign.

Dr Kathleen Sandberg is a highly qualified Invisalign  provider, having created beautiful straight smiles for hundreds of happy patients.

Click http://www.invisalign.co.nz to visit the New Zealand Invisalign site to read more about this amazing system for straight teeth without the ugly wires.
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