Periodontal Treatment

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       Periodontal Treatment (Gums)

More teeth are lost through gum disease than through tooth decay, so you can begin to appreciate the need for healthy gums. Periodontal treatment is any treatment that aims to improve the health of the gums.

At Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre we offer a full range of treatments ranging from a straight forward clean of the teeth to an extensive tartar removal above and below the gum level to simple surgery of the gums.

We are also able to offer the latest in soft tissue laser treatment to give the most successful and painless of treatments in early to moderate periodontal disease. Laser technology

In those cases that do not respond to the treatment that we are able to provide, we would refer you to a specialist periodontist.

The success of periodontal treatment depends upon patient compliance. To achieve success you must maintain good brushing and flossing habits and you must return regularly for check ups and motivation.

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