Preventative Oral Health

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Preventative Oral Health

Why keep fixing problems if it is possible to prevent problems in the first place? Our goal is to make sure that you have healthy teeth for life. Imagine, no problems!

At Blockhouse Bay Dental we work in partnership with you to help you acquire the habits that will turn around the health of your mouth and help to maximise the benefits of treatment.

Don't get us wrong we still want to see you regularly but ideally, there will be very little to do other than preventative work and routine cleaning.

arrow.gif    How often should I visit the dentist?

arrow.gif    Diet and Dental Health

arrow.gif    Fluoride


Gum Disease

arrow.gif    What is gum disease?

arrow.gif    What are the signs of gum disease?

arrow.gif    How can I prevent gum disease?

arrow.gif    What is plaque?

arrow.gif    What are some tips for daily oral care?

arrow.gif    How do I brush my teeth?

arrow.gif    How do I floss my teeth?

arrow.gif    Are electric toothbrushes recommended?



arrow.gif    How does a sealant prevent decay?

arrow.gif    Is it a complicated procedure?

arrow.gif    Are sealants just for children?

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