Root Canal Therapy


Root Canal Therapy

Up until about 20 years ago, if a tooth became badly damaged there was no other choice but to extract it. Now however, there is a choice. An increasing awareness of the importance of dental health has given rise to the process of root canal treatment. This treatment means that more teeth can be saved.

Root canal therapy is almost always a painless procedure; sometimes there is no need for any anaesthetic at all. In some instances, discomfort can occur 12 to 24 hours following the procedure. This is usually controlled by over the counter painkillers. We recommend that you contact us if you experience any prolonged discomfort after this treatment.

arrow.gif    What is root canal treatment?

arrow.gif    What is the dental pulp?

arrow.gif    How is the pulp damaged?

arrow.gif    Why does the pulp need to be removed?

arrow.gif    What does treatment involve?

arrow.gif    How long will the restored tooth last?

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