Routine Fillings

Routine Conservations (Fillings)

At Blockhouse Bay Dental, all aspects of routine tooth conservation are offered including the placement of amalgam (silver fillings) and composite restorations (tooth coloured white fillings).
amalgam tooth fillings white tooth fillings

Recent reviews of trends within our practice have identified that we are now placing significantly more white fillings than we were a few years ago. This is due to the many advantages that composites offer, but ultimately the choice is yours. You will be able to make an informed choice after we have fully explained the options. We encourage you to ask questions concerning your treatment, so that you fully understand what we are trying to achieve.

Together we can work as partners in restoring and maintaining your oral health.
arrow.gif     Amalgam (silver fillings)
arrow.gif    Composite (white fillings)
arrow.gif    Glass Ionomers
arrow.gif    Gold
arrow.gif    Ceramics
arrow.gif    Why replace my filling if it is still in place and it doesn't hurt?
arrow.gif    Is amalgam safe?
arrow.gif    Do white fillings last as long as silver fillings?

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