Sports Mouth Guards

sports mouth guard

Sports Mouth Guards

The mouth is one of the commonest areas of the body to sustain injuries in contact sports. Most people think of rugby, boxing and hockey as sports demanding mouth guards but numerous injuries occur every year in other sports such as soccer, basketball, cricket, to name just a few.

Dental injuries are painful, costly, and permanent. Therefore, any athlete, from a professional league player to a schoolboy playing soccer, should wear a mouth guard.

At Blockhouse Bay Dental we are able to design and make a mouth guard appropriate to your sport and level of participation.

You can even have your name and/or team colours embedded in the mouth guard!
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What is a Mouth Guard?

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A mouth guard is an appliance worn in the mouth that helps prevent injuries to the teeth, lips, cheeks, tongue, and jaw.

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Choosing a Mouth Guard

There are two main types of mouth guards:

Boil and Bite Mouthguards
These are the least expensive and can be bought at most sports stores. They are also the least effective. Some are totally useless, and give a false sense of security until the injury happens. They are NOT RECOMMENDED. This type of mouth guard can also feel bulky and can cause difficulty with breathing and speaking.

Custom-made Mouth Guards

This is the recommended type of mouth guard. It is made at the dental practice where it is individually designed and constructed by the dentist and technician. Impressions are taken and an accurately fitting mouth guard is fabricated.

There are different types available offering varying degrees of protection depending on the sport played. They are comfortable to wear and do not interfere with speech or breathing.

We will advise you of the type most suitable for your sport and level of participation. A mouth guard will usually take around a week to fabricate.

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What to look for in a Mouth Guard

A mouth guard should:

  • Provide maximum protection from traumatic force
  • Remain in place during sports activity. A properly fitted mouth guard will but if the mouth guard does not fit properly, it may be too loose and can be knocked out easily.
  • Not interfere with breathing or speech
  • Be comfortable to wear
  • Be easy to clean
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Caring for your Mouth Guard
  • Rinse under cold water after each use
  • Occasionally clean your mouth guard in a solution of soap and cool water
  • Store it in a container containing water so it will not get damaged or lost Like any other sports gear, mouth guards can tear or wear out; therefore, replace them after each sports season.
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