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Fresh Breath

Woman covering her hands with her mouthThe team at Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre provides a full suite of solutions to make sure that your oral health stays at the highest possible level. If you’ve experienced bad breath, or halitosis, it’s likely caused by certain foods you eat, your oral hygiene, smoking, medical disorders, gum disease or dry mouth. There are steps that you can take, however, to make sure that your breath stays fresh and clean.

The Many Causes of Bad Breath


  • Foods – Garlic and onions, for example, contribute to the odour. Brushing your teeth or using mouthwash is only a temporary mask, and the odour continues until your body has eliminated the food.
  • Poor oral hygiene – If you fail to brush and floss every day, food particles sit in your mouth and collect bad breath-causing bacteria. The food can even rot, leaving an odour. Your dentures should be properly cleaned to get rid of bacteria and food.
  • Periodontal disease – Also called gum disease, one of the first signs that you may have gum troubles is chronic bad breath and a bad taste in your mouth.
  • Dry mouth – If you have dry mouth due to decreased saliva production, your mouth can’t be properly cleansed.
  • Smoking – Tobacco use causes bad breath and stains your teeth. Smokers have six times the incidence of periodontal disease and oral cancer.
  • Medical disorders – An infection in the respiratory system, chronic bronchitis or sinusitis, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems and liver or kidney ailments can result in bad breath. If your mouth is healthy, we may refer you to your regular doctor for further testing.

How to Address Bad Breath

Your home care habits are the most impactful on bad breath. Twice per day, you should brush with a fluoride toothpaste. Don’t forget to brush your tongue. Once a day, floss or use an interdental cleaner to get between teeth. Removable dentures should be taken out at night and cleaned. Mouthwashes don’t have long-lasting effects. A fluoride mouth rinse, however, can prevent tooth decay and can be an effective part of your oral hygiene. Contact us today to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth bright and shining! We are open late and have same-day appointments. CONTACT US

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