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Custom Mouthguards at Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre

Woman inserting custom mouthguardYour mouth can be easily injured during contact sport. Though everyone knows that boxing, rugby or hockey can compromise your teeth, you may not know that numerous injuries can occur in cricket, football or basketball, just to mention a few. Athletes of all ages and levels can protect their oral health by using a mouthguard, which is custom-created for you at Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre.

If you’d like to prevent injury to your teeth, lips, tongue, cheeks and jaw, a mouthguard is an appliance created for you that’s worn in your mouth for protection. It’s designed to provide you with protection from trauma, remains safely in place while you move around, allows you to breathe and speak as you wish, is comfortable and can be cleaned easily.

Custom-Made Vs. Bite and Boil

The two main types are the boil and bite, which can be found at sporting stores, and custom-made mouthguards like we provide at our practice. The problem with the over-the-counter version is they can be ineffective, giving you a false sense of security and leading to injury. It’ll also feel bulky and can make it difficult to speak or breathe as normal.

When you get a customised mouthguard, it’s designed and constructed by our professional, experienced team. We’ll take impressions of your mouth to fabricate a mouthguard that will fit you perfectly and provide the appropriate amount of protection for your sport. It can even be made in your team colours. It’ll take about a week to receive it once you have your initial appointment with us.

Proper Mouthguard Care

You want your mouthguard to last for the season. We recommend replacing them periodically since they can wear out and tear. After you use it, rinse it in cold water. Occasionally, you can use a solution of cool water and soap to clean it. You should store it in a container that’s filled with water so that it’s not easily lost or damaged.

protect your smile

Our mouthguards Blockhouse Bay will give your oral health the necessary protection. Contact us today to book your first appointment! Health funds are accepted and payment plans are available.


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