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Diet and Dental Care

At Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre, we provide a broad range of dental services to suit your needs. We’ll keep your smile bright and healthy for years to come. We don’t just give you dental care – we’re here to give you our best advice so that you can enjoy the best possible oral health.

Your diet plays a significant role in whether you experience tooth decay. With proper oral hygiene habits and sensible nutrition, you might never experience a cavity!

Foods That Affect Your Teeth

Woman biting red appleIt’s not just what you have at breakfast, lunch or dinner. The snacking in between meals can cause damage, too. The foods that have an adverse effect on your dental health, and should be avoided, include:

  • Soft drinks (including sugar-free)
  • Cordials
  • Sports drinks
  • Fruit juices
  • Sweets and lollies
  • Sugared tea and coffee

There are other foods that you may not have considered harmful before, but should be eaten in moderation, such as fruits like oranges, which have a high acid content, bananas and applies; muesli bars that are full of sugar and biscuits.

Then, there are the good foods that you should concentrate on for your snacks: water, plain milk, cheese, nonflavoured yoghurt, and any vegetable, which are always filling and fantastic while being harmless to the teeth.

Are You Due for a Checkup?

If it’s about time that you had a routine dental checkup, book your appointment today! We’ll get you in for an initial consultation to make sure that you enjoy the best possible oral health. Your dental insurance cover can be used towards your visits with us. Saturday appointments are available, which works well for parents with children. Kids who are New Zealand residents are entitled to receive basic dental treatment free of charge. Contact our friendly team today to learn more!

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