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Preventative Dentistry at Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre

Dental nurse prepping patient for examPreventing a problem is always better than treating an issue once it’s occurred. If you want to save time and money in the future, preventative dentistry is the way to go. At Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre, it’s our goal to ensure that your teeth are healthy for your life with no major problems.

We’ll work as your partner to make sure that you develop the habits that maintain great oral health. Any potential concerns can be addressed immediately so that more complex work isn’t necessary in the future. We love to see our patients, but we hope that you’ll only need us for preventative services and routine cleanings!

What to Expect During Regular Cleanings

Dental cleanings are a vital part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Along with brushing and flossing at home, you can be sure that twice yearly visits to have your cleanings done will keep your mouth in great shape.

A dental cleaning involves a scale and polish. This process involves the removal of any buildup of tartar and plaque. Even those who brush and floss regularly can experience a buildup. If left untreated, it can lead to problems such as tooth decay and infection. After the buildup is removed, we’ll use polish to leave your teeth feeling shiny and incredibly clean.

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