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Wisdom Teeth Removal at Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre

Wisdom tooth positionsAt Blockhouse Bay Dental Centre, our team can carry out a broad range of surgical procedures. If you require wisdom teeth removal, we provide a modern approach that makes the extraction as easy as possible for you. Performed under local anaesthetic, we’ll ensure you feel no discomfort.

If you have wisdom teeth that are deeply impacted, we may refer you to a specialist so that you can have the procedure completed under general anaesthetic. We’ll assess your particular situation and make our recommendations to you at your initial consultation.

Your wisdom teeth may grow in properly positioned and perfectly healthy. If so, there may be no need for an extraction. If your jaw doesn’t have enough space for the teeth, however, they can become impacted. When they can’t erupt, you may have pain and other teeth can become crowded or misaligned. You can end up with severe problems and extreme discomfort if your wisdom teeth are left in place.

We recommend extraction if the tooth is only partially erupted, in which case an infection can result. If you have pain, swelling, stiffness, your other teeth are negatively affected or a cyst forms and compromises the bone or tooth root, it may be most appropriate to extract them.

We’ll apply a local anaesthetic, then remove the teeth. To speed up your healing, sutures will be placed; they are removed about a week afterwards. The procedure doesn’t involve pain though you can experience some sensation as the teeth are removed. Our patients are pleasantly surprised at the ease of the procedure despite the many negative stories they’ve heard from their friends.

Your dentist will advise you on what to do so that you recover quickly. There is some pain and swelling that you can address with an over-the-counter pain medication. After 24 hours, we’ll direct you in using salt water rinses for a week. Don’t rinse or spit for 12 hours so that the blood clot doesn’t dislodge.

We suggest you avoid exercise, and you should try to take it easy for a couple of days. If bleeding begins, you can use a damp handkerchief placed in the socket and bite firmly, lying down for 30 minutes. We’ll make sure you have all the advice you need to recover quickly from your wisdom teeth removal Blockhouse Bay.

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